Why You Have NO Business in Indie

But don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Let’s set the scene. You’re playing a game, or maybe watching a stream or a YouTube video. Suddenly, it hits you…  You can do this!You are going to be an indie game developer. After all, it’s easier than ever. Gone are the days of boxes on store […]

Intergalactic Cat Rescue has a Trailer!

It finally happened… After many, many years in development (way too many years if we’re being honest), Cantankerous’ first iOS arcade game has a trailer: Watch on YouTube! One day soon, we’ll share more about the journey and how a few friends deciding to make games as a hobby turned into a small Canadian game […]

Pitching Your Game off a Cliff

Imagine you’re that cartoon coyote that runs himself off a cliff and gets left treading air. You have about 8 seconds to sort things out out before you’re a distant plume of dust on the canyon floor below. Photo by Dmitry Kornienko from FreeImages Your average viewer spends about the same amount of time (6-10 […]

Hooking Content Marketers with Narrative Games

The easiest way to frame narrative games is as having a defined beginning, middle and end, like a book. There may be some branching paths, but your goal as a designer is to maximize player fun and engagement. Compare that to procedural games, (roguelikes/lites) that have no defined end. The player instead has fun by […]